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Facing Fear…In Small Increments

Summer 2011

I’m sitting out on my back deck watching my two youngest children swimming with the son of one of my friends. It is the first year in the last three that my pool has stayed clear without having to dump hundreds of dollars of chemicals into it and hours of labor. The difference this year? I changed the sand in the filter. I knew that this was a project that needed to be done, but I was understandably intimidated by the aspect of dismantling the filter on my own, clearing out the old sand and refilling it with the new clean sand without breaking or messing something up. Contrary to popular belief, there are some kinds of technology that terrify me. I guess I had to give myself the winter just to build up enough nerve to try to attempt it. As it was, had I not had help, I’m not sure I would have tackled it. However, I had help, I overcame my fear and found that was I was afraid of was was not that big a deal. It wasn’t an easy project but it wasn’t that tough either.
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A Girl’s Gotta Have Her Shoes!

“I think I need another pair of shoes,” I mentioned casually the other night.

“Shoes?  Another pair? You have more shoes than Imelda Marcos!” he responded with exasperation.

“I know.  But this pair is different.” 

He sighed, weary of my shoe fetish, and the clutter it created at the bottom of the closet.

“You don’t wear half the shoes you have.  Why would these be any different?”

“Because,” I smiled sweetly, “These are cycling shoes.”
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