Facing Fear…In Small Increments

Summer 2011

I’m sitting out on my back deck watching my two youngest children swimming with the son of one of my friends. It is the first year in the last three that my pool has stayed clear without having to dump hundreds of dollars of chemicals into it and hours of labor. The difference this year? I changed the sand in the filter. I knew that this was a project that needed to be done, but I was understandably intimidated by the aspect of dismantling the filter on my own, clearing out the old sand and refilling it with the new clean sand without breaking or messing something up. Contrary to popular belief, there are some kinds of technology that terrify me. I guess I had to give myself the winter just to build up enough nerve to try to attempt it. As it was, had I not had help, I’m not sure I would have tackled it. However, I had help, I overcame my fear and found that was I was afraid of was was not that big a deal. It wasn’t an easy project but it wasn’t that tough either.

Tomorrow, I am going down to the bike shop and picking up my shoes, getting new pedals and getting clips on my shoes. I’ve put this purchase off for a while. Partly due to expense, but mostly due to being completely terrified of not being able to unclip at the right time and falling along with my bike and sustaining some horrible injury. But…I’ll have help. They’ve agreed to show me how it all works, but when the bike shop guy says that learning to use the clips has a learning curve and that I should probably practice in a large grassy area until I get the hang of it, I get nervous. On the other hand, I’m tired of riding without the benefit of working my legs on the complete cycle of the pedals. I hope it will be like changing the filter on the pool: not that big a deal.

Which brings me to why I even started writing this post in the first place. I began writing this to try out the WordPress mobile app that allows one to post from their phone. While I haven’t exactly been afraid of this new technology, I haven’t had the time to just dink around with the app and figure it out until this afternoon…while I’m watching the kids play in the pool. So, this post is a test post of sorts. I’ve faced yet another thing, that while not frightening, was sure to be somewhat annoying or possibly tricky. So far, it just not that bad. I don’t know if posting much from my phone is all that realistic for me, but at least, once this is posted, I will have learned how to do it.

And learning something new always carries it’s own benefit.

Having said all that, the best deal of the week is that my bike is home and all fixed with an even stronger wheel than before. I don’t have to lose any more time away from my bike. I’m getting my shoes tomorrow. This weekend I’ll be riding around Portland, Oregon with my daughter and meeting up with some family members.

I’m looking forward to it, even the part about learning to use shoes with clips.

About according2cat

Hi, I'm Cat A. Brasseur, @According2Cat on Twitter, or @TheDigitalCat on Instagram, and I write about my cycling adventures. In 2010, after 25 years off the bike, I decided to get a bike and start riding again. In 2012, I was diagnosed with DCIS, an early and completely curable form of breast cancer. In 2013, I decided to get a faster bike. I'm a teacher by day, a cyclist and blogger by night, a single mommy by life. I ride every chance I get. I'm learning that both cycling and life are easier when you're in the right gear.

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